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Variable Data

Personalization is key in direct mail marketing. Not only does it catch potential customers' eyes, but it has also been proven to increase response rates by up to 14% and potentially higher. Whether you order 500 or 5000 copies, with our Ricoh C990S and IR110, we have the ability to make each of your documents unique. Personalized details allow you to directly speak to each customer and show them that you are in tune with their needs.

Invoice and Statement Processing

We realize that security and efficiency are two important factors when it comes to invoice and statement processing. That’s why in our state of the art facility we are always investing in top of the line technology to keep the most complicated transactional statement and invoice files under one roof until your job is ready to mail. This allows Mailstream to stand apart from other processing houses that often have to job out your work costing you time, money and most importantly your customer’s security.

Our cutting edge statement processing center provides solutions to clients around the country 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether you are utilizing preprinted forms or you require all in one form and data combination our highly experienced team will design a solution around your exact specifications.

Mail Stream offers a variety of solutions including print, mail, online delivery, email and fax services. At Mail Stream we provide processing services for financial institutions, cities, government agencies, municipalities, medical insurance and private sector clients in both BtoB and BtoC applications. From OCR fonts to the latest Barcode technology start to finish we have it all here, ready for you.